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Managing Home Service Businesses Under COVID-19 | Owners and Business Leaders Panel Discussion - Shared screen with speaker view
Darryl Margaux
Hey Dee Dee!!
Cate Bloom
if anyone is doing virtual appointments, are you charging for that appointment? more or less than usual? does that open us up for liability issues if the homeowner causes damage to their own property doing things without a tech on site?
Nir Kushnir
We received great questions that were added to Lorne's list who will include them next. Thank you. Please feel free to ask more questions
Joy Rudd
I have received my funds for PPP
Nir Kushnir
We received some information from participants regarding their process. Our team at SearchKings will summarize the data and share with participants
Nir Kushnir
A few participants asked for more information about how to get in touch with SearchKings. We do not plan to cover any products and services we offer on this webinar. If you wish to schedule a call with one of our team members please visit https://searchkings.com/contact/